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We found some people ready to get to work on your Project We found someone ready to get to work on your Project

  • Blessolee


    2 Social Media gigs Weekly Payments available ₦15,000/post

    I love anything social media and I have worked as an account manager on Instagram @divaswedding . I can proudly say I am an account manager.

  • yominigeria


    4 Social Media gigs Weekly Payments available ₦15,000/post

    With over 4 years of experience in Social Media Marketing, Instagram account management and Content Creation; I am able to identify the specific needs of each one of my clients and transform their ideas into actionable strategies.

    As a social media account manager, I specialize in account analysis, content creation and strategy. In doing so, I transport my clients’ accounts into the digital era following the latest trends and finding their perfect target audiences.

    Make sure to send me a…

  • Zaaki


    2 Social Media gigs Weekly Payments available ₦20/post

    I am a digital marketer and a social Media influencer. I have a digital marketing certificate from Google. I am a Facebook ads and google ads expert. 

  • Jonny Media Enterprises


    2 Social Media gigs Weekly Payments available ₦15,000/post

    A young enthusiastic geek with passion for technology. Have interests in Web design, Social media marketing, social media management. SEO, Digital Marketing.

     I have previous experience as a digital Marketer, I have worked with several indigenous and foreign companies as a social media manager. I was responsible for developing and posting engaging contents, relating to the company. Answering customers questions. 

    I have honed my skills as a digital Marketer and a social media manager through years of hard work practice.

  • Boma Precious


    5 Social Media gigs Weekly Payments available ₦10,000/post

    Hello everyone and thanks for taking a look at my professional profile here.*I’m a Social Media expert with more than 5 years of experience in creating strategies and managing social media. I’ve worked with startups of various sizes and budget, helping them create an engaged online community, an authentic voice, a genuine connection with their customers, generate leads and increase sales.

    I can help you implement your inbound marketing, create and execute your social media strategy. Plus I’m a big…

  • Oladipo V


    5 Social Media gigs Weekly Payments available ₦20,000/post

    Hey, I’m Victor Oladipo. I’m a digital marketer with extensive experience in social media marketing. _I help my clients deliver their offers, and content to their best converting target audience. I’m using a customized mixture of organic and paid tactics for every client. This approach makes it possible to reach my clients’ goals as cost-effective as possible.*What is your biggest fear related to your social media presence? Let us find the solution together.*During the past two years, I worked on projects…

  • Daniel A.


    2 Social Media gigs Weekly Payments available ₦20,000/post

    Social media is what I live and breathe. It sounds cheesy, I know. But, what other industry allows you to work so collaboratively with such a wide range of industries? I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing._I am a highly motivated, data-driven social media marketing specialist and writer with agency experience. I have worked with a multitude of businesses in different fields and cultures._Additionally, I have earned a Master of Arts degree in Integrated Marketing Communication and…

  • Matt Ndu


    3 Social Media gigs Weekly Payments available ₦15,000/post

    Over the last 2 years, I have developed a wide range of skills in digital marketing with an emphasis on social media marketing . My overall objective in social media management is always tied to increase engagement for the brand, with the deliberate intention of gaining quality sales leads from social media platforms.

    I excel in managing brands’ visibilities, and gaining brand recognition in Twitter. I know how to grow followers organically here. Have wide experience in managing both…

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